Philadelphia Aknel Top

daf-postoj-1200x875Name bitches: Philadelphia Aknel Top
Date of Birth: November 6, 2013

The bitch: Philadelphia is a kind of active and responsive dog. When she was about six months, I could see it in her nature strongly developed empathic behavior towards other people and animals.
He therefore began to help with the correction of undesirable behavior and failure in dogs. Dada when he was 1 year, successfully completed canistherapy exams with full points. Since then he has worked as canistherapy dog ​​for disabled children. It helps me as an assistance dog demonstration in educational programs for children. For over a year, my inseparable companion of work.
Philadelphia has passed an examination OVVR (verification talents properties retrievers) at full strength. Working with her very fun game, even if there are no active hunters … if we have the opportunity to participate in some events where bringing deer, Dafy is absolutely uncontrollably excited 🙂 and it’s great fun for her!
When she was seen at work Dafy search and retrieve game, we were approached if we did not want to cooperate with the prison service in tracing the hidden things … we accepted the offer and now we are in active practice.
As for the entertainment and sports, so glad we go to coursing, we tried too agility, but as for me Dafy during the third training round looked a totally questioning and puzzled expression, why would she do something … he did 2x exactly the same …? .pochopila ?? … I think it will not be so good :-). However, he loves dogdancing … needs constant mental permutations, which she offers this sport and enjoy it tremendously, in the spring we are going to dogdancing exam.