About us

How we met 🙂

Seven years ago, when I went for a walk around the local practice area, I saw how everybody trying to odchytnout something to an unidentified, incredibly fast, and black, what quickly let everyone…… curiosity gave me and I waited until “it” someone slows down, gonna gather them up…….

After a local riots looked around, saw the loss of all and therefore, voluntarily and with laughter he gave up on the lip. So I recognized the breed flat coated Golden and it was love at FIRST SIGHT! 🙂

It took five years before circumstances have allowed to get his first Brown bitch flat. In the meantime, I read about this breed of everything in the world to read and there were occasionally met with flat.

I once met an older gentleman with a flat, so we just gave to the speech, I’ll never forget the words that said, when I asked him, how is it with this breed happy said: “THIS is MY GUARDIAN ANGEL” … it came to me this lovely, touching and very sweet … but when I took my before 2 years Philadelphia, before I really understood his words. you all!

The second black flat Mery we shot Philadelphia when her year was not alone when he sometimes could not ride with me to work … and na mistake!

Mary is the opposite of Dafy, since the child is very calm, sensible balanced and gentle, so along great complement. 🙂


The other family is a national Inniska-Chinese crested dog-puff.

Since I cut the dogs, I wanted to choose a young girl with long hair, as a companion to work and a little bit like a fragrant, hairstyles, a walking advertisement, which will dress up my dog salon! 🙂

Yes, as we all do … well … from Innisky since the child is not my fragrant Princess, but the farmer’s wife, who is not a foreign one the bushes with Thistles and nice saggy mud.

It is the absolute faithful, goes for you anywhere-just be careful in the water! 😀

“The smallest and largest” guard our 5-ary Pack and a great athlete in agility and coursing.